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Welcome to the Gilbern Owners Club Website

This site is dedicated to Gilbern Cars and the Owners Club that serves Gilbern enthusiasts based in the United Kingdom, Europe and all around the world.

We hope that you will find it informative and easy to use.

Picture of the Month – January

This month’s picture shows ‘as found’ and ‘as it is now’ images of a rare factory built Left Hand Drive Gilbern GT with a Christmas plea to Santa for some of the parts needed for completion.

The car was supplied direct from the factory in 1965 to a customer in Spain, but would appear to have had a hard life and by the time of it’s repatriation was partially dismantled and lacking various parts.

As the images show, the car was in a very poor state when rescued from Lodosa in Northern Spain in October 2016 by Club Chairman, Spares Secretary & GT Historian Brian Gent.

The later picture shows that restoration is now well underway, although a lot of work remains before we will see the car back on the road.

It has not been able to confirm what Gilbern parts Santa was able find in his sack !

Please visit the Gallery pages to view more images of Gilbern cars from events around the country.

About the Club

The Gilbern Owners Club was founded in 1969 by Martin Ingall, our President, when the cars were still in production. In November 1979, with the expansion of the Club’s activities, it was decided to incorporate the Club as a company limited by guarantee.

The Gilbern is a specialist car that attracts people who are interested in the vehicle they drive. Experience with other makes where the manufacturer has ceased production shows the importance of an owners’ club in the maintenance of the marque. Without this interest and support, the general condition of the cars may decline and spares may become harder to find, with a consequent potential drop in the value of the cars.

Our objective is to ensure the continued existence of Gilbern cars by encouraging interest and enthusiasm in the marque. We provide a range of technical services and organise activities and motoring events to bring together Gilbern Owners and enthusiasts.

One of the Club’s major objectives is to ensure that no shortage of parts occurs which would render a member’s car un-roadworthy or unusable. With the help of a wide range of suppliers, we have been very successful and most essential components are available.

A monthly magazine, Welsh Rarebit, together with this website are the main forms of communication with our members.

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