Owners Club Membership

For more information on the club or how to join please contact the Club Chairman Brian Gent,

Tel:_07850 001186 or email: briangent57@gmail.com

The membership year runs from 1st November to 31st October the following year.

UK annual subscription : £34.00
European subscription: £40.00
Overseas: £44 (including airmail)

Additional/Family Member subscription £5

For a joining date between 1st May and 31st July the subscription is £17 (£20/£24 EU/overseas)

Payment Methods:-

1. Cheque Made payable to Gilbern Owners Club Ltd
2. Paypal
3. Credit Card
4. Bank Transfer

Please complete the form below or alternatively, if you prefer, print and Complete this Form and mail it to the Membership Enquiry Officer.

On receipt of the form the Membership Enquiry Officer will contact you to arrange payment.

Send to:-

Membership Enquiry Officer
Club Chairman – Brian Gent
Lon Wen
Golden Grove
SA32 8NW
Tel: 07850 001186
email: briangent57@gmail.com

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    Please indicate which best describes your current situation regarding Gilberns

  • I’ve previously been a member and would like to re-join. Previous Member No (if available)
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  • I am interested, but would like more information about Gilberns before I decide whether to join. We’ll send you details of the Club and a Complimentary Rarebit Magazine.

    I already have a Gilbern and would like to become a member

    Vehicle Details

  • Model
  • Colour
  • Chassis
  • Reg. No.
  • Engine Make
  • Engine Size
  • Date Registered
  • Date Purchased
  • Vehicle on road,registered and MOTd?
  • Is Vehicle Off Road?
  • On Road Condition
  • Off Road Condition
  • Available for use in shows, road tests?
  • Details of previous owners, reg. nos.: (if known)
  • Interesting or non-standard modifications (if any)

We endeavour to deal with all enquiries within 72 hours.
In the unlikely event that you haven't heard from us in that time please contact :-
Brian Gent:- 07850 001186

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Owners Club Membership